Gone Huntin’ with Keith Davis

10th Jul 2013

Gone Huntin’ with Keith Davis is a television show with the Traveling Hunter in mind. The Traveling Hunter is a person that travels outside the boundaries of their state and sometimes their own country. To follow their passion and dreams for adventure and to hunt exotic and dangerous game in all corners of the world.

Each week we bring an exciting hunting designation into your home, including incredible adventures. Your outdoor travel “fix” until you pack your bags and head out on your own hunting adventures.

Keith spends a lot of time hunting in Africa, if you’ve been you understand why, “It pulls you back time and time again like no other continent” Since the early days, Africa was seen as the ultimate hunting and adventure destination. A mysterious continent, “the Dark Continent”

Today, Africa still boast the same mystiques, and the abundance and vast diversity of game species cannot be equaled on any other continent.

Africa is not all we do, follow Keith as he hunts Musk Ox and Caribou in the Antarctic, Grizzly Bear in Alaska, Moose and Bear in the Yukon and Elk and giant whitetails at home in the USA.

We capture and edit together the adventure. The excitement and thrills of the hunt, the ambience of the campfire, the wildlife, scenery and the people that enrich these adventures. Because the pursuit is not limited to hunting alone, but a wide range of experiences that all contribute to the overall adventure.


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